The Jiang Lab’s primary research interests lie in statistical modeling and method development in genetics and genomics, with application to data from large-scale cohort studies of human health and disease. We collaborate with biologists and clinicians to address statistical and computational challenges presented by new cutting-edge technologies and provide data-driven statistical methods to biomedical researchers for better data analysis and experimental design. Our particular focus is on detecting structural variants, assessing intratumor heterogeneity, interrogating genome-wide DNA damage and repair, and deciphering cellular heterogeneity by single-cell omics approaches. Our research is currently supported by R35 GM138342 from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.

Email: yuchaojiang *at* tamu *dot* edu
Office: Blocker 459E, 3143 TAMU, College Station, 77843-3143
Twitter: @yuchaojiang